1500 Idalia Rd.- Current location for impounded animals (Michaela Helean/Observer)


The Sandoval County Commission approved the award of a contract to Horizon Structures on Sept. 28 for the design/build or installation of a climate-controlled dog kennel structure.

“Apparently our animal welfare program has been working so well that we’ve had to expand from one facility to a second facility and it is good to see we are moving forward,” Vice Chairman Dave Heil said.

Sandoval County went out for sealed bids on Sept. 1, 2022 in the Albuquerque Journal. The bid was open for 14 days. Two bids were received and were opened publicly by the Sandoval County procurement manager.

Once the bid opening was complete, the procurement manager went through each bid that was submitted to make sure that the numbers and quantities were correct upon submitting recommended approval for the design of the animal shelter.

The new shelter will cost around $140,000 and will include heating and cooling for animals.

Commissioner Kenneth Eichwald said: “You know there are people without heating and cooling in their homes, and yet we are providing it for dogs and cats. Sometimes, I wonder where our priorities are.”

According to the Sandoval County website, dogs impounded by Sandoval County are initially taken to a climate-controlled kennel located on the Administrative Campus at 1500 Idalia Road in Bernalillo, while cats are placed in feline-specific safe environments.

Most pets impounded by Sandoval County are either returned to the owners or transferred to an area agency for adoption.

In some cases, however, homeless pets are adopted out directly through the Community Services Department. And in all cases where appropriate, the preference is to place impounded pets in temporary foster homes rather than a facility environment.

They use PetFinder and Adopt-a-Pet to post animals presently ready for adoption.

Here are ways residents can help, according to their website:

Foster and Adoption Information
If you are interested in fostering or adopting an animal, you must first complete the application found HERE and return it to [email protected] You will be subsequently contacted by a Community Services staff member regarding next steps.

If you have received an approved application for foster and/or adoption and would like to adopt a particular pet already placed in your care as a foster, you will need to complete the Adoption Agreement found HERE and return it to [email protected]. You will be subsequently contacted by a Community Services staff member to finalize the process if approved.

Become a Volunteer
If you are interested in other ways to volunteer, please complete the general volunteer form found HERE and submit it to [email protected].
For general questions or to inquire about lost or adoptable pets, please call (505) 867-7642.