The city of Rio Rancho approved a resolution to authorize participation in an effort to receive a Local Government Road Fund (LGRF) grant at the Governing Body meeting on Thursday evening.

The award totals $184,728 and will improve road safety, remedy Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) deficiencies and improve traffic signals throughout the city.

The grant is part of a “Joint and Coordinated Effort with the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT),” according to Thursday’s meeting agenda.

In February, the city approved a resolution to apply for the grant, of which the city of Rio Rancho will receive 25% and NMDOT will receive 75%.

According to the Feb. 9 Governing Body meeting minutes, the city applied to use the funds as follows:

ADA Deficiency Remediation

  • Identify public infrastructure that is not compliant with ADA standards
  • Correct the deficient infrastructure
  • Continue to perform deficiency remediation for pedestrian facilities

ITS/Signal System Improvements

Out of the 30 Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTVs) that the city can access at the busiest intersections, including six owned by NMDOT, the city proposed for the project to:

  • Replace two existing CCTVs
  • Upgrade two CCTV cameras

At the intersections of:

  • Golf Course Road and Southern Blvd.
  • Southern Blvd. and NM 528
  • Sabana Grande Avenue  and NM 528
  • High Resort Blvd. and NM 528

Traffic Signal Detection Replacement

Out of the 60 traffic signals with vehicle detection that the city maintains, the city proposed for the project to replace detection equipment at three locations:

  • Cherry Road and Unser Blvd.
  • Iris Road and Paseo Del Volcan
  • Nicklaus Drive and Broadmoor Blvd.

Multi-modal Safety Improvements

The city proposed for the project to add three new school flashers to the school zone surrounding Joe Harris Elementary School at the following intersections:

  • 20th Ave. and 12th Street
  • 21st Ave. and 12th Street
  • 10th Street near 21st Ave

The city applied for the grant in March 2023. NMDOT approved the awards in May, and required that the city submit a formal resolution before the agreement would begin. After its approval at Thursday’s meeting, the city must fully execute the agreement by October 31. The agreement terminates at the end of 2024.

To view a recording of the meeting, visit the city’s website.