Cirque du Soleil’s high-acrobatic production called Ovo (“egg” in Portuguese) will be performed live March 3-6 at the Rio Rancho Events Center. Courtesy of Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil is ready to mesmerize the City of Vision with all sorts of contorting, breathtaking moves.

The troupe will perform its high-acrobatic production called Ovo (“egg” in Portuguese) live March 3-6 at the Rio Rancho Events Center.

“We’re all so excited,” said Ovo performer Svetlana Delous. “We’ve been training for a couple months already at headquarters in Montreal. We’re just starting off our tour again. We’re just amazed at the warm welcome that we’re getting, and we’re so excited to be in front of live audiences again. We’re going to make sure to go as far and wide as possible to reach audiences that may not be able to go see a show in (Las) Vegas or maybe have not yet seen a Cirque show. We’re really just trying to stop everywhere we can.”

Delous said the story of Ovo is about a voyager bug that encounters a colony of bugs.

The characters include crickets and a red spider.

“The bug theme is a way to dive into a world that is different from real life,” Delous said, adding the show’s creator was inspired by the bugs seen at home in Brazil.

Ovo, which launched in 2009, is comprised of 52 performers from over 15 countries.

“There are little side stories about the other characters. We each have very character-specific movements, just details in everything that we do on stage,” said Delous, who plays the red spider. “I’m climbing a rope upside down, climbing a wall upside down.”

Delous, 33, said she’s been with Cirque du Soleil since 2017 but has done circus performances in general for the past 15 years.

She also said the group will have a few days before the show to get acclimated to the area’s higher elevation, adding it’ll help with their physical conditioning.

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