Chicky’s Coffee is set to open Friday, July 29, in Bernalillo off of Camino Del Pueblo.

The family- and friends-run coffee house will serve different roasts from different countries.

They have roasts from Brazil, Columbia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico and Sumatra. People can buy bags of beans ranging from $17 to $18 dollars, depending on the region.

Coffee bean from Kenya(one of the products at Chicky’s)

This different spin on coffee flavor aims to create a diverse experience for future customers.

“Chicky’s Coffee is all about the love of good coffee and love of friends and family. We strongly believe that family is about the people you choose. We also believe in the old adage; it takes a village,” their mission statement said.

The owners have invited the community to “join their village” and “to try new regions”.

“We simply love coffee. We want to share our discovery of specialty, flavorful coffee with you. Come join us and offer suggestions along the way so that everyone can enjoy a good cup of coffee each day,” the website says.

They will expand flavors as the business grows.