Among the WWE superstars in the City of Vision for matches at the Rio Rancho Events Center the evening of April 15 was self-proclaimed “diva” Chelsea Green, who took time to participate in a phone interview.

In action Saturday, she wasn’t able to win a “triple-threat” match vs. Piper Niven and Shotzi.

What was your dream as a child? My dream was actually to be a ballerina, and I guess that translated to wrestling, because I love the outfits – the sparkle, the glitz and the glamour of it all.

When did you start to pursue wrestling as a career? It was in 2014. I lived in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and I was going to school for kinesiology. I was on my computer, doing my homework and on the TV, in front of me, “Monday Night RAW” came on. I could not keep my eyes off the TV, so I started Googling, “How to be a WWE diva.” As it turned out, the Storm Wrestling Academy was 10 minutes away from me – so within a week of me Googling that, I was in a ring – and the rest is history.

What did you find out about yourself along the way? I’ve really learned that my patience is a lot better than I thought; I thought I was not a patient person. I thought I didn’t have the perseverance in me, but this nine-year road to get to WWE, I proved to myself patience might be one of my best qualities.

When did you realize you had made it? Here’s the thing. There’s levels of “making it.” You set a goal and you achieve it, and then you feel, “That’s not making it, this next goal is.” So being in the 2023 Royal Rumble this year, if you had asked me three years ago, that would have been making it. You’d think being on WrestleMania would be making it. But I’m in a tag team with Sonya Deville; maybe winning a tag title is making it … I think that bar is going to be moved higher and higher.

What’s the best thing about being in WWE? (Our WWE live events) are my favorite part of this entire industry. Being able to go from city to city, town to town, interact with the fans, wrestle new women, have new story lines – that’s what I do this for. … That is my comfort zone.

What’s the worst thing about being in WWE? You have to remember, that with every job there are kind of downsides with it. Maybe for me, it’s being a homebody. So, being on the road all the time, I’m trying to make every single hotel room every night my home, and that’s comforting. I’ve got a husband at home, I’ve got dogs and cats at home, and I’ve got my bed – I’ve got my bed at home. Just being away is the hardest part, but with that, that’s my favorite part, going from city to city.

Are you recognized away from events – at Walmart, out shopping, in a restaurant? I would say within the last two years, people recognize me more, but of course I will forever work to be as mainstream as I possibly can. I think that’s always the goal … you want to be asked to be in commercials, to represent WWE in movies, to speak on WWE’s behalf. As much as it’s really cool to be recognized, there’s so much more that I need to grow, really become a household name, I guess.

What’s your dream now? I’ll tell you something funny – WrestleMainia is a pinnacle – a pinnacle of not just WWE. But wrestling and sports entertainment. And I felt so much at ease on that stage that I realized that I have to set a way higher goal than that. … I guess it would be winning a singles match on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Have you been in New Mexico before? “I’ve been to New Mexico twice now. New Mexico has the best fans – they are so hot, they’re so fun – so I’m very excited. … You could see a new women’s champion

What would you tell a young girl who enjoys watching WWE, maybe even a Chelsea Green fan? My advice is set goals; make a vision board. Imagine yourself in that position you want to be in, but don’t forget that the journey to get there is going to be the most important part. All of the wrong turns that you make are going to make for the best story when you hit your goal. And that’s what I’ve learned in my nine years trying to get to WWE, trying to get to Royal Rumble, trying to get to WrestleMania. … Take it all in as your working to get to that goal.