Standing n the Gap Anchoring Young Adults, a nonprofit ran by retired teacher Jennifer McCreight, is hosting the Celebrate New Mexico Educators Summit 2023 next month.

McCreight, who taught at Independence High School in Rio Rancho, said the event is designed to honor, respect, empower and encourage the teachers and educators in New Mexico. The event will consist of five different speakers, each bringing in information to empower and encourage educators.

The summit will be held from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Oct. 28 at the ABQ Marriott Pyramid North.

“We believe this is a newsworthy event because, over the past few years, education has been overhauled in many different ways and the burnout rate of educators in New Mexico is extraordinarily high,” McCreight said. “Just in 2022 alone, 44% of educators reported feeling burned out, along with 55% of new teachers to the classroom reporting the same thing. I, myself, retired two years ago, one to start a nonprofit, but two, because I was burned out. My nonprofit Standing n the Gap Anchoring Young Adults wants to give back to educators as a small token of our appreciation. This is why we are excited to host this first-ever Celebrate New Mexico Educators Summit 2023.”
The event will offer networking, speakers, giveaways and focus on professional growth and ways to combat burnout. Registration can be done online.
“All educators in the state are able to register. I am specifically working with the Rio Rancho School District to promote this summit. As a retired teacher from RRPS, from Independence High School, my heart is still with these educators, and it is because of my love of educators I am hosting this much-needed event,” McCreight said.