David Jaramillo entered a 1964 Chevy Impala, at the Enchanted Hills Plaza Car Show Benefit to support Officer, Bobbie Terrazas who is battling breast cancer. He recently lost his niece to breast cancer and wanted to support others battling he said.
(Amy Byres / Rio Rancho Observer)

Rio Rancho put its best car forward at the Enchanted Hills Plaza Benefit Car Show for Officer Bobbie Terrazas, who is battling breast cancer.

She joined the New Mexico State Police in 2001 and became a self-described “workaholic.” Terrazas, an Albuquerque resident, was diagnosed with breast cancer this May, changing her life.

“I was going 100 mph, and then I was slowed down to, like, 25 mph. I really learned what was important, like my family,” she said.

Car enthusiasts from across the nation, Russia and Mexico rolled in to show their support and their cars. The Russian car and its owner were in the area for another event.

Rio Rancho resident David Jaramillo entered a 1964 Chevy Impala, in the ’69-and-under low-rider class. His 39-year-old niece died from breast cancer one week before the event

“I enjoy coming out and helping with the fight against cancer because my niece just passed away,” he said.

A bomb-disposal robot gives 6-year-old David Goswick a Rio Rancho Police Department sticker Aug. 31 at the Enchanted Hills Plaza Benefit Car Show, which supported State Police Officer Bobbie Terrazas.  (Amy Byres / Rio Rancho Observer)

Mourise Green, of Santi’s Barber Shop and Salon, collaborated with Scott Jones, of Jones Mechanics, to help bring the car show together. Terrazas had never met either of them before.

“As an officer, you don’t see the best side of people most of the time, so for my community to do this for me makes me think about the side of people I didn’t get to work with a lot,” she said. “I feel the love of my community.”

Green said he tries to help his community in any way he can. When his friend New Mexico State Police Lt. Keith Elder, told him about Terrazas’s situation, Green knew he wanted to help.

A 195T 1st Series Chevy 3100 was at Enchanted Hills Plaza Benefit Car Show, which supported State Police Officer Bobbie Terrazas.
(Amy Byres / Rio Rancho Observer)

Green became dedicated to his community after overcoming his own obstacles.

“We all have demons; my demon was drugs,” he said. “I do this for my community to keep the demons away and to help others.”

The benefit raised about $3,000 for Terrazas and her family.

“The amount of love I got from everybody from the owners of manufactures, to the subwoofers, to the amps and everything like that everybody donated is really, really impressive,” Jones said.

On Aug. 30, the day before the car show, Terrazas had her last round of chemotherapy. She now has three surgeries planned to help fight off the cancer.