Carrie Davis, 51, of Albuquerque, was summoned May 28 for possession of a controlled substance and two counts of larceny, according to a criminal complaint filed by the Rio Rancho Police Department.

Officers were dispatched to Advantage Assisted Living on Wellspring Avenue for a welfare check.

The caller told police that a caregiver was on drugs and passed out. When officers arrived, they saw Davis asleep in the lounge area.

They then contacted the manager, who said Davis had potentially consumed morphine as 18 milliliters of fluid missing.

Officers then tried to talk to Davism but she struggled to stay awake and was evaluated by EMS.

The manager of the facility told officers that the three rings that Carrie was wearing were not hers and that she stole them from a resident Davis was caring for.

Davis reportedly also stole two packs of latex gloves, apple juice and pudding from the pantry which were recovered. The manager also provided officers with surveillance footage of Carrie stealing the 18 milliliters of morphine. According to the complaint, Davis could be seen pouring the morphine into a cup and drinking it.

The manager also said they discovered morphine was missing from two other bottles. One was missing 13.5 milliliters and 6 milliliters was missing from the other. The manager also reported there was one morphine pill missing.

The manager said that Advantage Assisted Living wanted to press charges. The cost of the stolen property from Advantage Assisted Living was $20 per morphine bottle and $40 for the gloves, apple juice, and pudding, totaling $60.

Management stated Davis had access to the controlled substance drawers and is unsure as to what she did with the stolen morphine.

While Davis was being seen by EMS, they were able to take off two of the rings but the last was stuck on her finger. She was transported to the hospital due to her lack of response to medical questions, where nurses were able to remove the other stolen ring.

Davis at this point became aware and awake after treatment from the hospital staff. Waiving her Miranda rights, stated she picked up the stolen jewelry off the floor of the resident’s bedroom.

When asked if she stole the morphine, pudding, gloves and apple juice, she stated “I don’t know.”

Carrie was provided with a criminal trespass notice from Advantage Assisted Living and advised she would be charged and summonsed for two counts of larceny and possession of a controlled substance.

The resident’s family stated that on behalf of the resident, they wanted to press charges against Davis for stealing the jewelry.

The stolen jewelry was returned to the resident, but the whereabouts of the missing morphine liquid are unknown.

Davis could face two years in jail if convicted.