Agreeing to disagree can be a civil response to a prickly topic. Arguments from either point of view coming to an impasse with emotions overtaking reason can be uncomfortable around family or friends, so you may let it go.

The friendship or family connection is stronger, deeper than the difference of opinion. I wish I felt the same about my fellow citizens. I do, actually, but my feelings are strained of late because I cannot agree to disagree on the topic of [Donald] Trump.

As strongly as you may feel, for whatever reason, adulation of this man is an exercise in misfortune. Every minute promoting his dark influence gets you nothing and costs you much.

Not just you; that is the problem. I enjoy my freedoms. I enjoy my rights. I’m proud of my country, and I trust the institutions that are in place to safeguard our democracy. Is everything perfect? I can’t say that. Do I want to tear it all down? No, I want to be vigilant to checks and balances and accountability. I want to vote. I will resist hate, violence and fascist movements. I will continue to believe truth when proven to be true and denounce lies when proven to be untrue.

I never believed Trump could be elected to the presidency. It was stunning to me. But it did prove two things about our democracy: Anyone can rise to high public office, and convincing the voters to vote for you is the way to do it. Four years was a long time. I was relieved it was just four years. I will be very glad to see him and his leave the public square.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. What a shame so many are fooled by this man. I cannot agree to disagree. Trump does not merit your vote. He will not have mine. If you feel otherwise, please tell me why. I would sincerely like to try to understand why.

Tim Berger

Rio Rancho