With the start of statewide recreational cannabis sales looming, those who rely on cannabis for pain relief and other ailments won’t have to worry about supply shortages.

The New Mexico Department of Health said in a press release Monday that the state is launching its Medical Cannabis Program, which’ll require dispensaries to reserve 20 percent of their products for patients and to increase the amount patients can buy at one time. That way, inventory meant for those individuals remains available and steady.

“We are proud to help more than 132,000 New Mexicans who use cannabis to alleviate pain and other medical symptoms,” Dr. Dominick Zurlo, the Medical Cannabis Program director, said in the release. “As part of our commitment to improving the quality of life for our patients, we continue to work closely with the Cannabis Control Division to ensure an adequate, safe, long-term and stable supply of product for all of those enrolled in the Medical Cannabis Program.”

NMDOH is also expanding online telehealth and enrollment services for patients and medical providers with its online patient portal, ensuring easy registration and a way for patients to track their medical cannabis purchases.

The Medical Cannabis Program also recently increased the number of ounces patients may obtain every 90 days, from 8 ounces to 15 ounces. Medical patients who enroll in the program won’t be restricted from making commercial purchases.

Recreational cannabis sales begin Friday in New Mexico.