Video: The Juan Tabo Cabins

there is a bit of mystery to this famous New Mexican site



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This week, I decided to check out The Juan Tabo Cabins and picnic area in the Sandia Foothills. The Juan Tabo Cabins are known as a famous historical landmark in Bernalillo County. Although, this is a historical landmark, there is a bit of mystery to this famous New Mexican site.

Bonnie Dismore

It was named after Juan Tabo, but there has been speculation on his identity and occupation. It was said that he could have been a prominent landowner, priest, shepherd, and a native from the Toboso Tribe. As of now, all we know of him, is that he was a New Mexican and that he knew where to find the perfect place to call home.

The Juan Tabo Cabins are on Tramway Boulevard, but The Picnic Site is further down Tramway Boulevard towards Forest Road 333. It is only an hour round-trip, which makes it the perfect day trip for visitors.

Juan Tabo’s cabins have a wonderful view of The Sandia Mountains. The cabins allow us to look back in time at how houses were built, and the architecture used to create these types of rock houses. The Juan Tabo Picnic Site has a wonderful view overlooking the mountains and you can see the city of Albuquerque from the top of the hill. The La Luz Trailhead starts at the picnic site, and it allows you to hike up to the Sandia Mountains. According to the USDA: “The La Luz trail is 7.5 miles long…and ends at the Crest Trail 130 near the Sandia Peak Tram Upper Terminal.”

All visitors to Cibola National Forest and Grasslands must display a valid $3 day pass. It is $10 per high-capacity vehicle with 15-plus passengers. If you do not want to purchase a day pass, then you can visit the park on their free entrance days. The next free entrance day is June 11, 2022, on National Get Outdoors Day.

I encourage you to visit and spend the day having a picnic in the Sandia Foothills.

It is a unique historical landmark and one that needs to be preserved. All recreational fees go towards helping this historical site. Please remember to preserve the area when you visit and remember to leave no trace behind. If you’d like to help in the preservation of this landmark, you can contact their volunteer coordinator at the Sandia Ranger Station at (505)-281-3304 or [email protected].