Jennifer Padilla, 32, of California, was arrested Sept. 8 for criminal damage to property, DWI, no driver’s license, reckless driving, no stop or yield at intersection, fleeing law enforcement, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Officers were dispatched to Borealis Avenue domestic dispute call.  When officers arrived, they saw a black Kia Optima attempting to run over people  as it traveled south on Borealis. As police attempted to stop the vehicle, the Kia kept driving into driveways.

The Kia continued to drive north on Borealis in spite of police attempts to stop the vehicle, then turned onto Tarpon Avenue, using the oncoming  lane to pass the car in front of it. Officer reported the make, model and license plate number to dispatch after disengaging from the chase.

One witness said she saw Padilla yelling at the house and went outside to see if everything was OK. Padilla, who seemed intoxicated, reportedly pulled out a bottle of dry shampoo and sprayed the woman in the face with it. The woman responded by hiting Padilla until she went to the ground. Padilla reportedly got up and into the vehicle and then tried to run over her, her neighbors and several family members.

Another neighbor said he heard the commotion and tried to de-escalate the situation. Padilla yelled and cursed at him before attempting to run him over. He said she then tried to run over his wife and daughter in the driveway. As she backed out he said she sideswiped his sister’s car. Padilla then attempted to run over the man and his son before leaving the scene.

Officers found Padilla parked behind the Good2Go off of Unser Blvd. and brought her to the Rio Rancho Police Department.

She said that she was picking up a friend and got “jumped” by a family from across the street. She said a man pulled out a gun and threatened her with it while the woman beat her. She admitted to trying to run over them because they beat her up. She added that she fled the scene because the neighbors were throwing rocks at her car. She admitted to seeing the police lights but fled because she wanted to escape. Sobriety tests indicated that Padilla was impaired.

If convicted, Padilla could face more than 12 years.