Amy Byres

Working from home is nice and all, but I miss people.

With my full-time job at the Observer, I decided at the beginning of the semester to take all online classes. I will graduate from the University of New Mexico in May.

Little did I know that signing up for online classes would be a blessing in disguise. With universities closing their campuses for three weeks or just ending the semester, my online classes remain the same.

Although, I did have a professor email my class that we are not getting two extra weeks added to our spring break because we can’t get the novel coronavirus while online. I thought it was funny he had to send that email at all.

While working and schooling from home, I have learned to appreciate my special assistant, Nyx my cat.

Social distancing can be lonely, but it is just another reason why I am glad to have my cat. I have written in previous columns about how a pet can reduce loneliness.

Well, right now, our pets are the only kind of contact we can have without worrying about getting COVID-19.

Also, social media can be fun and a creative form of expression. I have seen more creative content come out of social media than ever before because people are home, bored.

I have seen videos of people playing family games while quarantined. One video had a brother and a sister blindfolded in their living room, playing Marco Polo while pillow fighting.

Another fun thing was when one kid decided to give his family themed dinners. This could entail a Disney theme or even color theme by cooking only red food.

From boredom comes creativity. I have seen a lot of posts about how people want to go out.

For those who feel this way, I suggest ordering food from DoorDash, GrubHub, Eat Streets or mytown2go, and bring in the outside to the inside. Order from locally owned restaurants to help get them through this time.

People in Italy are singing from balconies, and here in Rio Rancho, we have Everette Ortiz playing his violin at the Southern-and-Unser intersection to help raise spirits. I want to know about the good or fun our community has been experiencing through this time.

Post about it on Twitter or Facebook and tag the Rio Rancho Observer. We have to make the best of our situations, so tell me about yours.