…craft beer is expertly crafted, locally made beer that can take you on a wild ride.



Craft beer is beer that is brewed at an independently owned small or micro brewery versus a huge corporate brewing facility like any of the popular brands such as Coors or Budweiser.

The beers available at small breweries are crafted with love and technical skills that take years to hone. You will also find seasonal or limited edition beers that are interesting along with traditional beers.

Seasonal beers such as Turtle Mountain’s Kranbeere (a German Pilsner) are a fun part of the craft beer world, because these rotating taps mean a new beer every now and then. Even creatures of comfort need a change sometimes.

Holly and Jason

Also, keep in mind that these beers are made close to home, meaning you are directly supporting brewery staff and servers.

We have also found that these locally owned watering holes are perfect places to spend an afternoon and make new friends.

Many small breweries are able to allow their brewers to create recipes and come up with crazy ideas to experiment with. These may not always be your favorite, but that’s the beauty of  craft beer.

From cereal beers to sours, you can always count on craft breweries to have at least one beer available that will spark a conversation.

The names of the beers are also pretty creative!

Such as Brew Lab 101’s Sexi Numexi, a Mexican lager. Ex Novo got a little crazy with it and named a beer Capybara Quinceanera, the can had a capybara dressed in a gown on it.

Step into any brewery and you’re likely to find creatively or hilariously named beers, it is one of our favorite things to discover at new breweries.

So, there you have it, craft beer is expertly crafted, locally made beer that can take you on a wild ride.

We challenge you this week to stop in at a local brewery and try something crazy. You just might find a new favorite or at least make some new friends.