Rio Rancho school transposition vision statement says : “Safe, efficient transportation for Rio Rancho Public Schools students in a growing community based on Trust, Caring, Respect and Knowledge.”
Yet weekly bus 486 (and perhaps other busses as well) is guaranteed to be 10-20 minutes late at least once per week. This is not a manning of staffing shortage issue but a clear management issue. If you cannot control simple management of staff hours, maintenance or bus routes, then it’s obvious it’s management’s lack of ability to lead. We are currently two-thirds through the semester and issues with bus 486 continues weekly. And two weeks ago I was about to call RRPD thinking my son’s bus 427 was hijacked because it took a totally wrong route going down Unser Blvd. past Southern Blvd. rather than going straight down Northern, making it 20 minutes late and 20 minutes when the notice went out it would be late.
Their mission statement is supposed to be their guidelines of basic operation. Yet so far this year, they have clearly demonstrated a shear lack of efficient transportation for Rio Rancho Public Schools students, a lack of trust and care, and definitely a lack of knowledge.
Parents should trust our public schools transportation to SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY TRANSPORT our children to and from school, not be taking students on joy rides or having them miss breakfast.
An occasional mishap is expected, but weekly! That’s a management issue. That needs to be addressed!
Richard Wittie
Rio Rancho