Despite occasional hiccups, the Broadmoor Heights housing development is proceeding smoothly, according to Pulte Homes Vice President of Sales Wade Messenger.

Messenger said the project is wrapping up land development for Phase 3 of the five-part project near the intersection of Broadmoor and Montezuma boulevards, between Idalia Road and Paseo del Volcan. He said this part of Phase 3 entails finalizing the infrastructure, including storm drains, curbs and gutters; water, gas and power lines; and pavement, which is scheduled to be completed by late 2021 or early 2022.

“When it comes to the construction of the homes, we obviously need to continue to leverage our own ability to build more and build them faster,” Messenger said.

During Phase 1, 111 lots were ready for houses in late 2019, with home construction in early 2020. During Phase 2, 52 lots were prepared, and additional home construction got underway in late 2020.

Rio Rancho’s Broadmoor Heights subdivision, seen here, is growing rapidly due to the large demand for homes in the state and nation. Gary Herron photo.

Home sales and construction for Phase 3, which features roughly 140 lots, are scheduled for early 2022.

Phases 4 and 5 entail adding just over 100 home sites for development as soon as late 2022.

“The consumer demand has been strong. Our land development went really well, no issues or hiccups with the city or any of the land… It’s been really smooth,” Messenger said.

He said the main delays in the process stemmed from having to wait on things like lumber, windows and appliances.

Messenger said the current projection is to have the development completed by the end of 2024, bringing the total number of home sites to more than 400. He also said the land acquisition and development costs over $30 million.

“Overall, (it’s) a really, really fantastic neighborhood. Really excited with the way it’s coming together. There’s actually a large park that we’re going to be building in the next year or so,” Messenger said. “We are exceeding our projections on selling houses, which has expedited our land development infrastructure timeline.”