Edward Quintana from Mathew’s Home Restoration volunteers his skills to help build a porch and deck for Mary Rosa Vineyard of Bernalillo and her family. Amy Byres photo.

Shining as a bright spot in the pandemic, a local contractor has answered the county treasurer’s call to help a resident.
Mary Rosa Vineyard is a resident in Bernalillo. She cares for two grandchildren and her 90-year-old mother.
Vineyard has lived in the community for several decades and retired from working in the town’s school system after 25 years.
While Sandoval County Treasurer Jennifer “Jennie” Taylor was campaigning last year, she ended up on Vineyard’s front porch.
The house is on a raised foundation with stairs leading up to a porch, where the entrance of the home is. The porch is unstable with stairs that are difficult to climb.
Vineyard’s mother has a hard time climbing to get in and out of the home, she said.
After the election, Taylor sent a call over social media, asking if people would be able to donate time and materials to fix the porch and build a ramp for Vineyard and her mother to easily access the front door.
“This family left such an impression on my heart after meeting them last year that I knew I had to try to help in some way,” Taylor said. “After the election was over, I knew it was a perfect opportunity to organize something over social media to get people who were willing to donate time, labor and material. I never thought my Facebook post would generate such a huge response from so many people willing to help.”
Local contractor Edward Quintana from Mathew’s Home Restoration answered Taylor’s call.
“He is my angel,” Vineyard said.
Quintana is building a new porch and deck with a ramp and adding landscaping for the family. He began the work Wednesday, which would have been Vineyard’s late husband’s birthday.
“This would have made him happy,” Vineyard said of her husband.
Quintana said he is using brick Vineyard’s husband used to landscape the backyard so the new porch would still have his touch.
“It just makes me feel really special that all these people care, and they come, and they show me. I didn’t know one of them before — it is just awesome,” Vineyard said.
Quintana has done projects for free for disabled veterans, and he gives free haircuts to the elderly, he said.
“Giving back to the community is something I always want to do,” he said.
Vineyard said she is very thankful for everyone who has helped her.
“I told my mom I don’t know what I have done to deserve it, but these two people have made me so happy and they are both just so awesome,” she said.

Sandoval County Treasurer Jennifer “Jennie” Taylor, left, visits Mary Rosa Vineyard after donating materials to be used in Vineyard’s new porch to improved accessibility for her and her 90-year-old mother. Amy Byres photo.