This past weekend, Brew Lab 101 had the grand opening of their new beer garden.

Holly and Jason

We decided to go check it out.

We love to go to BrewLab 101 for many reasons, but the best part is the family-friendly feel of their taproom.

With shade over the tables as well as over-sized versions of Connect Four and Jenga, kiddos and adults can be entertained while enjoying a brew or two.

Unfortunately, we decided to go with our one-year-old on a day that was over 100 degrees. So, in the spirit of transparency, we didn’t get to spend too much time out in the beer garden this time.

We did, however, get to enjoy some beers, and that’s the most important thing when writing about a beer adventure.

I enjoyed a Blonde Bombshell which is a Blonde Ale. It was the perfect choice for me. Light, refreshing and sweet with a clean beer finish. With a 4.6 ABV, it makes for easy summertime drinking.

Jason had the Wicked Pissah which is a pillowy New England Hazy with great haze, not too thick and a slight sweet finish with hints of tropical fruits, with a 6.5 ABV. It is an impressive and well-done New England Hazy.

We also got tasters of a few of their seasonal offerings. The Kolsch, Kiwi Mango Gose and the chocolate stout.

The Kiwi Mango gose is an interesting not traditionally soured gose. It tastes like a sweet, fruity beer and has an ABV of 5.7.

The chocolate stout is light in body. It is a summer stout with a slight bitterness and a hint of cacao, also with a 5.7 ABV.

Overall, our visit was great, and I absolutely recommend a visit to the beer garden. We will definitely be going back once the temperatures are less likely to cause our baby to scream and disturb other patrons.

I think this week’s challenge is obvious, go visit a beer garden and enjoy some sunshine and friendships. Also try some of the summer beer offerings, Oktoberfest season will be here before we know it.