Brew Lab 101 Beer & Cider Co. owner Scott Salvas enjoys some friendly competition with fellow Rio Rancho business owners. But when Dagmar Schulze, owner of Dagmar’s Delectables, unexpectedly passed away on Feb. 25, he knew he would do something to help the popular shop keep going without its beloved owner.

That something was a fundraiser at Brew Lab 101 Saturday. From 2-6 p.m., $1 of every full-sized drink, both beer and cocktails, was donated to help keep Dagmar’s open. It’s more personal than business for Salvas.

“We started here almost four years ago and we met Dagmar and we just kind of grew to really, really love her. She’s just a good person,” Salvas said. “She knows exactly who she is and she’s got that tough, German sort of attitude. We’ve done a couple Oktoberfests over at her place. My wife developed a friendship with her. We knew she was sick in the hospital. My wife actually went to go visit her. My wife, Beth, she’s a general manager here at Brew Lab, so we’re definitely concerned. I know she was going through some therapy and stuff, and I think she was home and everything seemed to be on the right track. So we’re really saddened to hear of that sudden loss. She was a  a great lady who did things her way, and I can certainly respect that. We saw the posts that somebody had posted — I guess someone from the staff or the family —  that they were looking to try and keep it going. And so we’re sort of moved to try and find a way to just help raise some money and do it quickly, because I’m sure funds are necessary right now to keep things going.”

Dagmar’s Delectables is known for serving up authentic German food and tasty baked goods. The store has been closed since early February as Shulze dealt with health issues. Dagmar’s was set to re-open later this month.

“We’re just continuing to figure out how we can support them,” Salvas said. “She’s got something special going on there. As I understand, it’s really the only authentic German place in the entire metro, which is why the Oktoberfest did really really well, because we went over there and we served beer while she did her thing. I think it’s something really special. If you got staff and family who really want to make a go of it and keep it going, then we all need to sort of pitch in and find a way. The staff is trying to find a way. From what I read is, there’s still a lock on assets and all that kind of stuff because of the sudden passing. So there’s not a way to to get into funds to even pay rent or just to keep it going. They don’t want to lose the place. So that’s kind of what the need is.”
A GoFundMe has been set up to help the employees at Dagmar’s and hopefully generate enough funds to get the shop open again.
According to the fundraiser page: “The desired plan is for Dagmar’s legacy to continue under her talented mother, Ingeborg’s guiding hand, and in Mr. Anthony’s skillful care, but in the meantime we really need to take care of Dagmar’s employees (and keep the rent/utilities paid, as well). We are planning a public Celebration of her Life (hopefully at the bakery!) in October, and hope you will all join us.”
Salvas said between the $1 from each pint sold and cash donated by customers, Brew Lab raised $500 Saturday. That money was submitted to the GoFundMe this week and Shulze’s family was very thankful for the community’s support.