Pictured is the THC candy that was ingested by 14 Algodones elementary students a couple months ago. (Courtesy Photo)

No one will be charged after 14 Algodones students ingested THC candy in early April. 

There was no intentional foul play when an 8-year-old girl accidentally took a parent’s candy from her house and distributed it to her elementary school classmates, Sandoval County Lt. John Castaneda told the Observer.

On April 4, 14 Algodones elementary school students were hospitalized after eating the THC candy, which Bernalillo Public Schools Superintendent Matthew Montano said looked like a sour punch straw.

By the next day, students “were all back and feeling better again,” he said.

Some of the students felt lethargic. Others were nauseous, Montano said. 

The investigator talked with all the parents about the situation and said “there was no intent on distributing any kind of drug or anything of that nature,” Castaneda said.

On April 1, New Mexico opened the doors to recreational cannabis, by making the drug legal for adults.