A New Mexico-based Boese Brothers Brewing will bring a new location to the Las Fuentes neighborhood of Rio Rancho after the site plan was approved at the Rio Rancho Governing Body meeting on Thursday.

The brewery, taproom and restaurant will begin construction at 808 Pinehurst Road. This will be the sixth owned by the company, which has locations in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Los Alamos.

The company is owned by brothers Sam and George Boese, who opened the first location in downtown Albuquerque in 2015.

“We’re very excited about the opportunity,” George Boese said.

Mayor Greggory Hull ultimately backed the project but expressed concerns about the building’s location. It is located next to a lift station for wastewater, which Hull said occasionally results in a the city receiving calls regarding a foul odor in the area.

He clarified that because the lift station is high quality, the complaints are an infrequent occurrence that are usually only prevalent when the weather is hot.

“This one is state of the art, but I just want to make sure that you guys know what’s there,” Hull said.

Jim Strozier, principal at Consensus Planning, Inc., said that the company is aware of this and ultimately decided that the location was best.

“We may have some nice fans shooting the opposite direction,” Strozier said, adding that the aesthetics of the location are what the city needs, despite the potential for an odor nearby.

The company partook in outreach to staff, neighbors and the architectural control committee in the area before getting the site plan approved. The brewery will contribute to the Las Fuentes Master Plan, which is a project that aims to provide a more pedestrian friendly environment, according to Strozier.

The plan includes a goal to emphasize utilization of patio structures and interior parking in order to encourage food and fun in the area. The architectural control committee is in charge of administering Master Plan Design Guidelines. It approved the Boese Brothers plans before the application was taken to the city of Rio Rancho.

Strozier said that the project will help to realize the goals for the Las Fuentes Master Plan, add a needed community gathering place and add jobs that will increase Rio Rancho’s tax base.

“We love the city, and we think it would be a great addition to the local economy,” George Boese said.