Commissioner (Jay) Block claimed a vote against the referendum petition resolution was a vote against the New Mexico Constitution and “fascist.” I re-read the petition, and if it had stopped with the first sentence, “The Board philosophically supports the right of any person residing within the county to participate in the referendum process as guaranteed by the

Constitution of the State of Mexico,” his claim of a “no” vote being against the Constitution might have some foundation, although “fascist” was unnecessary name-calling.

However, the second sentence of the resolution specifically supporting the Referendum Project is a separate non-commission issue, not a matter of a constitutional right, and should have been treated as such with a separate vote.

Therefore, it is a deliberate misrepresentation by Commissioner Block that a vote against this referendum petition resolution was a vote against the N.M. Constitution. He should retract and apologize for his calls for removal of Bruch and Jones.

Jean Potabi

Rio Rancho