Wednesday’s Sandoval County Commission meeting had a jubilant and celebratory vibe throughout the night. The night ended with an impassioned speech from District 2 Commissioner Jay Block.

Block, who also ended the previous meeting with a fiery speech, touched on a variety of topics beginning with praise for Sandoval County and county workers who were recognized at earlier at the meeting.

“I’m in a really good mood, but I’m not going to be here in a minute,” Block said. “But first I want to say congratulations, and thank you to the staff at Sandoval County. I hope you really listened when we had the proclamations for the Audit Accountability Award and the Risk Awareness Program and what the Master Gardeners are doing. There is just so much excellence going on in Sandoval County. I talked about it two weeks ago; this is one of the most professional organizations.”

Block, a Republican who spent more than two decades serving in the United States Air Force, called upon some core values he learned in the Air Force to commend first responders for their work and citizens who are advocating for things that are important to them at the State Capitol during the legislative session.

Block then talked about the  U.S. government’s system for handling classified documents, which has been a big issue lately.

“This is the year of truth; it should always be the year of truth and transparency,” Block said. “This country is going through some really incredible things when it comes to handling classified documents. Republicans and Democrats, these idiot politicians can’t seem to control classified information. Find it when they’re a U.S. senator, a former VP or former president or whatever. And when that’s hidden from us, as we just saw the Biden administration when they found documents right before an election, that’s wrong. That’s not truth. And I know that’s never going to happen here and Sandoval County, don’t like that at all.”

Block also went after U.S. Rep. Melanie Stansbury for what he said was an inflammatory, since-deleted tweet from Stansbury’s account. Block provided the Rio Rancho Observer with the following screenshot.

Screenshot provided by Jay Block.

“I also don’t like elected officials passing misinformation or disinformation or race baiting, which we just saw here,” Block said. “We had some beautiful, beautiful celebrations going on. Chinese Lunar New Year’s, beautiful Chinese people having a party, enjoying life and ten of them get shot and killed and we just had to go through that again in California. And unfortunately, our congresswoman here, Melanie Stansbury, decided to try to score political points and called it white supremacy and anti-Asian hate when it was actually another Asian shooter. That’s wrong. When a tragedy like that happens for you elected officials, don’t try to score political points right away. Take a step back, think about those victims and their families first instead of trying to score political points, and I appreciate the congresswoman deleting her ridiculous, stupid, nasty tweet, to score political points. I don’t care who you are, Republican or Democrat.”

Block finished of his speech with a plea for the community to support the New Mexico Runners, a Major Arena Soccer League team that plays its home games at the Rio Rancho Events Center.

“I’ll say it from my dais because I can, it’s my right,” Block said. “Everybody go and support the New Mexico Runners. Their next home game is February 11 at 5 p.m. at the Rio Rancho Events Center. This is our team. Go support them because they need your support. The New Mexico runners are local players from Sandoval County, Rio Rancho, Cleveland High School. The goalie is a Rio Rancho High School grad. Go support your Runners in your community please. Thanks for coming here tonight.”