Sandoval County Commissioners met for the first time in 2023 Wednesday in Bernalillo.

The lengthy meeting saw a few changes and the debut of newly appointed Commissioner Joshua Jones. As the two-hour meeting neared its end, District 2 Commissioner Jay Block gave a fiery speech that touched on several issues in America.

“I’m just tired of all this misinformation, disinformation from both sides,” Block said. “We hear the border is secure but 5 million people are coming through in the past two years. We were told inflation would be transitory, but it’s not.”

Block, a Republican, than called for New York Republican George Santos, a United States representative from New York, to resign for lying about his personal life and background.

“He’s not a good guy,” Block said. “It doesn’t matter if he’s Republican or Democrat; he’s not a good guy and he should resign.”

That led to Block sharing his views on what he called an “upside-down world.”

“We’re told men can be pregnant, we’re told children aren’t being mutilated going through transition,” Block said. “We’re told that isn’t happening but then find out it is happening all over because it’s big business. We’re told by big tech and Dr. Fauci, wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. We’re told by candidate Biden that Trump is xenophobic for shutting down travel from China, then he just does the same thing. We’re told the (vaccine) is completely safe and nothing will happen to you, then we see myocarditis on the rise.

“We’re getting just so much misinformation from both sides. What I’m telling you is, don’t trust your government, don’t trust big tech, don’t trust big media, don’t trust big business. You all, we all are getting screwed by the deep corruption across business, across the military industrial congressional complex. You’re getting screwed by bureaucrats that are unelected, you’re getting screwed by elected officials on both sides.”

Block, who said he will not run for re-election in 2024, then shared his goals for his final run as county commissioner.

“They’re lying to you and I want to make it my last two years just to tell you that not one commissioner here, I hope no one has, has lied to you,” Block said. “This organization here in Sandoval County that Commissioner Jones is now a part of is the most professional organization that we have in the state of New Mexico.”

Block then praised the work he, County Commission chair Dave Heil and former Commissioner F. Kenneth Eichwald have done since 2016 to improve the commission before wrapping up his explosive speech.

“I sit up here, but I’m really one of you out there,” Block said. “I’m passionate about you, the people, and I’m passionate about truth. This country is going to hell in a handbasket because of the lies they are shoving down your throats, the crap they’re putting in your bodies. They’re taking away your rights. My last two years in office, all I can do is fight for you, and all I plan to do in the year 2023 is fight for truth.”

The full video of Block’s speech (Items 13 & 14) can be viewed here.