In early January the Observer covered the rescue of a 7-month-old Brussels Griffon mix named Biscotti that was found on the side of the road in Algodones (10 minutes out from Bernalillo) with two broken legs.

She had three different fractures right at the growth plates, which required three different cross pins.

Cross My Paws Animal Rescue announced recently that Biscotti has full freedom on all four legs and is doing well. After the extensive surgery she received for her legs, a bill of $4,500 was paid by the rescue.

They say they need help paying this, though. So far on a Facebook fundraiser, the organization has raised just over $900.

“Every little bit helps,” it says.

The fundraiser can be found at

See Biscotti then and now on Facebook at

Cross My Paws Animal Rescue also still has a staggering amount of adoptable pets available. Those wishing to adopt or donate their time can visit