That big display of Christmas Minions off of Southern Blvd. is not just a Christmas Display after all.

Helenea ReyVaughn and her family struggled to get the family out for her son’s birthday, which just so happens to be on Christmas Eve.

So to brighten up her son Sean’s birthday, she and her family decided to go big or go home with their Christmas lights.

“We love minions,” she said.

The ReyVaughn family has decorated the house this way for 16 years according to her.

“We just started building and building each year. Now, here we are,” ReyVaughn said.

ReyVaughn felt that they did a bad job this year because they ran out of time.

However, several people in the community stop by to see the numerous minions.

“We enjoy hearing from kids and adults in the area,” ReyVaughn said.

ReyVaughn loves being a parent and hopes her son has a good birthday this year.