Get that man out of my little girl’s bathroom, shower and locker room!

Your governor and NM legislators have been busy this spring.

They have passed a law which removes all safe spaces for girls and women in New Mexico by giving biological men access to girls’ and womens’ bathrooms, shower and locker rooms. HB207

Another law steals your parental rights and promotes surgical mutilation, chemical sterilization and abortions on your children (no age restrictions), without parental knowledge or consent and prohibits local pro-life laws (such as the “born-alive” law), effectively legalizing infanticide. HB7

A law establishes “Health Clinics” in schools to promote these experimental drugs and mastectomies, hysterectomies, chemical and surgical castration and penalizes anyone who would seek to inform you, the parents, of the abuse they are doing to your children. SB397

Another law provides legal protection for all involved with the medical mutilation and psychological abuse of your children. SB13

In addition, they passed a law for automatic voter registration (without the individual’s knowledge or consent), permanent mail-in ballot list, permanent drop boxes, and gives voting rights to felons. HB4

And, a law which withholds public information, obstructs the voter referendum process, and increases the ability for third-party election interference and manipulation. SB180

These are not Democrat or Republican issues; they are a detriment to every New Mexican.

Get online at and sign the petitions to put these laws on the ballot in November so all New Mexicans can make their voices heard and overturn these horrible laws.

Ida Mitchell
Rio Rancho