I am an over-70, overweight male, with several other factors making me a prime candidate for death by COVID.

Given my own risk factors, playing a round of Russian roulette would probably be safer than catching COVID.

The only accurate measurement of mortality rate is with cases that have finalized in either recovery or death. Pending cases do not count either way.

If you compare deaths with recoveries, the ratio is about 6 to 1, for a 1 in 7 mortality rate. This is actually somewhat better than the nationwide mortality rate made by the same calculation.

There is a COVID treatment that reduces the COVID mortality rate by 90 percent, a tenfold reduction.

It is safe, cheap and doesn’t even require hospital admission. But it only works when given early, at the doctor’s office, not to patients on ventilators.

Properly used, it could make the COVID pandemic look a lot more like a bad flu season. It could turn the Grim Reaper into a cranky old man with a weed eater, and life could get back to normal.

The doctor who discovered this treatment “cocktail” of hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin plus zinc used it on over 400 patients, with the above results. (Google “Dr. Zelenko” and “drbeen medical lectures” to check for yourself.)

The response of the medical establishment?

He was forbidden to use it outside of a hospital supervised study. Difficult, when his patients never even went to the hospital.

Both the federal agencies and the media have hyped the “dangers” of hydroxychloroquine, a drug which has been used long-term and safely for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis for many years. Even the relatively rare side effects have usually been in multi-year use, not the five-day treatment protocol used here.

An equally determined scare campaign could find equally scary things to say about aspirin.

Why would the powers that be sabotage this treatment?

Big Pharma would make a pittance on these off-patent generic drugs, versus billions on a patentable treatment. Would they lie for money? Oxycontin.

Big Medicine may resent this treatment being discovered by a lowly family doc, rather than a prestigious institute.

Some people, chiefly in New York and San Francisco, might rather see Americans die than see the economy promptly recover and Donald Trump get re-elected.

Some media are enjoying higher ratings with plague coverage than they would with the flu.

Would anyone be so immoral as to hype a theory that leads to dead Americans?

  • USS Maine: Most likely an accident in the powder magazine, not hostile action.
  • Lusitania: Actually carrying munitions, making it a legitimate target. British perfidy, not German.
  • Tonkin Gulf: Actually dolphins, not torpedoes.

All fake news that led America to war. Enough said?

Ken McDaniel

Rio Rancho