It turns out there’s more than one young champion in the Bone home in Bernalillo.

Drew Bone, the 19-year-old brother of American Ninja Warrior women’s champ Katie Bone, is now a sport fishing champion.

He has just begun his second year studying business at the University of New Mexico and has started his own business, found at

Competing in the 20th FIPS-Mouche Courtland World Youth Fly Fishing Championships in Bosnia/Hercegovina in July, Drew Bone led the 68-competitor field with a score of 64,740, catching 98 fish, one of them the longest.

Bone led his USA team to a first-place finish in the five-session event with a team score of 53,280, well ahead of runner-up South Africa (35,920) in the 11-team field. Bone’s USA squad also had the individual runner-up, Kage Kossler, and fourth-place finisher, Lawson Braun.

Team USA was gifted rods by the sponsor, and a team trophy came stateside; Bone returned to Bernalillo with two gold medals for team and individual championships.

The World Championships were organized in five river and lake fishing sectors according to FIPS-Moche regulations, and on the Buna River and Lake Salakovac.

–Gary Herron