Some people, if not most, will be going back to work. Some may still be out of work because their job is no longer available.

Unemployment insurance will continue for those who are eligible. We will continue helping those who need help and continue supplying our community food banks.

We will continue supporting our professional medical responders and other essential workers. Many of us will be wearing masks out in public, and in many cases, at our workplace.

Following all the recommended medical procedures is necessary.

It’s important to remember those who died of this virus and those who will die in the future. If you have not been tested yet, it’s possible you will be throughout the year.

Social distancing will continue, and shopping in stores will be very different in fighting this virus. It’s important to support all our small-business establishments in our community so they can stay in business.

Going to places like church, movie theaters, casinos, sporting events and other gatherings of large groups of people will be operating in very different ways.

This is for health-safety reasons. Please be considerate of these precautions.

If you decide to travel this year, you may find that this will be different also.

Understanding these changes will be considered necessary for all of us, and will perhaps continue throughout this year and into the next. Please travel safely.

Let us all understand that we need to be proactive and do the right thing in fighting this pandemic. Be prepared for another wave of this virus later this year.

Listen, understand and follow what is necessary as presented by our medical professionals. This is important and necessary for our safety and others.

Children and adults going back to school will also see a different environment. Be sure to follow what is necessary to keep yourself and our children safe.

Please support your school district, teachers, bus drivers and all other school employees. By working together every day, we can pursue a virus-free future.

Thomas E. Carter

Rio Rancho