Holly and Jason

With seltzers in the forefront commercially, we might be led to believe that most people are growing claws and getting crazy on the weekends. Even craft breweries have caught on to the trend and started making their own versions of the claw!

Seltzers might be the “You can’t sit with us” level of popularity in the media, but it’s just a fad, like so many other drinks in the past.

Remember Zima?

The mainstay is — and pretty much always has been — the lager.

Worldwide, for generations, everyone has been reaching for their favorite lager.

Here in the U.S., Budweiser is still a top seller. Maybe because we are creatures of habit or maybe because of the easy drinking versatility of a classic lager.

There is a lot that goes into a good lager and when a brewery gets it right, it is heavenly, especially on a hot day.

Lagers and pilsners are light and drinkable, but the lager is so easygoing because of the less aggressive use of hops.

Locally, there are great lagers available, done well and probably tastier than your dad’s old go-to.

I haven’t had a bad lager at any of our breweries here. Brew Lab 101, Turtle Mountain and Ex Novo all have exceptional lagers available. I went and taste-tested them this week, for research of course!

The challenge this week is to grab a couple of friends and settle into great conversation over a classic lager or two.