Twist and Shout, a Beatles cover band, not only watched Ringo Starr perform last week in Rio Rancho, they got a shout out from the legendary Beatles drummer.

Band members Jude Montoya, Gabriel Leyba,  Jacob Montoya and Russell Berman dressed in their best Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band garb to see the show on Sept. 20 at the Rio Rancho Events Center. A stranger saw their outfits and offered them free seats in the third row.

In between songs, Starr acknowledged the band and asked the crowd for “a round of applause for the three guys dressed up.”

The fourth band member was dancing with his wife, then joined the others, and Ringo saw him and acknowledged him also.
“It was unreal,” Leyba said. “Watching a Beatle literally 15-20 feet away. When he called on us, it felt like such an honor.”