The Friends and Lovers Balloon Rally remained indoors Sunday at the Rio Rancho Events Center as the weather once again did not cooperate.

“It’s just way too windy,” said Doug Gantt, the flying events chair. He had been monitoring the weather since 4 a.m., and said the Pi-Balls, which help pilots determine how the winds will affect flying conditions, “took off like a jack rabbit to the southeast. With that speed, it’s not safe to fly.”

Saturday’s flight was called off as well as snow moved into the area.

“Safety is our first and foremost concern,” Gantt said. “I will always err on the side of caution.”

However, that did not mean the event did not go on. The RREC was set up with tables of silent auction items, raffles, a chili cook-off and brunch. Crew games were also slated for the day as Friends and Lovers, which is hosted by the Albuquerque Aerostat Ascension Association (Quad A), is a celebration of balloon crews.

“We’re meant to have fun, and that’s what we want people to have,” Gantt said.