• One of the volunteer opportunities — you can volunteer to assist in athletic events. (Photo courtesy of RRPS)


Updated Volunteer Requirements

Apply to Become a Volunteer: 

*Per state law, school volunteers are required to complete an FBI background check.  This is a more thorough background check than those previously required of volunteers.

Due to new legislation, some requirements for volunteering at Rio Rancho Public Schools have changed. Please visit our website using the link below to learn more about these requirements and everything volunteers will need to do.

Those interested can also contact our Volunteer Coordinator via email at [email protected].

Steps to Apply:

Step 1: Raptor System Entry – After Raptor entry is complete, please move to step 2 to start the background application

Step 2: Complete the Volunteer Application (a Spanish version is also available) – Please follow the steps carefully! To avoid your application being delayed, answer all questions and check all boxes, and do not leave any spaces blank.

Step 3: Mail or hand-deliver the packet in a sealed envelope to the RRPS District Office, located at 500 Laser Road NE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124 C/O Volunteer Coordinator. Do not email applications.

For more information, visit the volunteer page on our website by following this link:


*Please allow ten (10) business days to process the applications.