Vista Grande Elementary School (Courtesy photo RRPS)


School Attendance Information

Regular, daily attendance in class is of prime importance in the educational process. All students are expected to attend school for all days of the established school calendar in compliance with New Mexico law. Chronic absenteeism and truancy can substantially hamper the academic success of the student.

Student responsibilities for school attendance are to:

  1. Attend school for all days of the established school calendar.
  2. Arrive to class on time, prepared for academic endeavors.
  3. When absent, contact teachers upon return to plan for makeup work.
  4. Complete work as assigned by the teacher when a pre-authorized absence is requested.

Reasons for excused absences include illness or injury, medical appointments, death in the family, family emergency, religious commitment, diagnostic testing, school-sponsored activities, and other extenuating circumstances as agreed to by the school principal prior to the absence.

If a student must leave school during the day, the parent or legal guardian, through the Administration Office, must sign the student out. If returning to school the same day, the student must check in at the front office and obtain a pass to return to class.

An unexcused absence is any absence that does not adhere to the prescribed guidelines, is not school related, or is not reported within two school days.

When a student will not be attending school, the parent or legal guardian must call their school attendance line (Attendance Office) preferably the day the student is absent, stating the student’s name, grade and reason for the absence.

 Parents/guardians should contact the Attendance Office to excuse a partial day absence, prior to the absence. The school principal may require documentation or other verification to confirm the student’s reason for the absence, especially when a student’s absences become chronic.