Above, Sinahy Clavel Jasso, right, trims the beard of Rio Rancho resident Anthony Martinez on Dec. 23.
Photo Amy Byres / Observer

At only 18 and 20 years old, two Rio Rancho sisters took over their family business.

Sinahy Clavel Jasso, now 21, and Lucia Jasso Clavel, now 23, run Mom Dad Kids Barbershop, which their mother and late father opened 12 years ago.

The shop is at 2418 Southern Blvd. Quiet chattering among customers and barbers can be heard throughout the shop; at the end of the room is a foosball table waiting for the next match of entertaining impatient children.

About three years ago, their mother moved to Arizona, leaving the barbershop in the sisters’ hands.

“It is a lot of responsibility; it teaches you a lot. I think since I have always been in the service industry, that experience has helped a lot,” Jasso said. “Basically if anything goes wrong, it’s up to me and my sister to figure it out.”

The sisters split duties to ensure the shop runs smoothly. Clavel handles in-shop tasks like scheduling and Jasso fronts out-of-shop work like supply runs.

Employee Zachary Wells has been a barber there for four years; he says he has found a home at Mom Dad Kids Barbershop.

“The environment is very family-oriented. We all get along and work together as a team,” he said. “Just getting to hear (customers’) crazy stories and we hear a lot of cool things, and we meet a lot of interesting people and we’re like their therapists.”

Right, Lucia Jasso Clavel, right, cuts the hair of 14-year-old Christian Reynaga. She and her sister own Mom Dad Kids Barbershop at 2418 Southern Blvd.
Photo Amy Byres / Observer

Clavel said the business gets about a 90 percent return rate from their customers. Many customers find the shop from word of mouth.

Growing up in Rio Rancho has also worked as an advantage in gaining customers, she said.

“We all know each other; we are a family; we grew up with each other,” Clavel said.

Working in a local barbershop has allowed Jasso the support and comfort to grow. She believes this is because the shop is located in her hometown of Rio Rancho, she said.

“If I didn’t have this place, I don’t think I would be where I am in my career,” Jasso said.

Not only being comfortable operating a business in her hometown, Jasso said her success can be attributed to her upbringing as well.

“I have been in this barbershop since I was 10. I saw my mom, I saw my dad, and I saw my aunt here; so I was able to learn,” she said.

Jasso says Mom Dad Kids Barbershop belongs in Rio Rancho.

“Every place that you turn is a local business. It makes up everything here in Rio Rancho. I couldn’t imagine it here without them,” Jasso said.

To contact Mom Dad Kids Barbershop, call 319-0880.