Just keep breathing — Odine Dale, 101 years old


Friends, family, Elvis and gin on the rocks. That is how Odine Dale spent here 101st birthday on Thursday afternoon.

Dale was joined by her assisted-living friends at BeeHive Homes to commemorate her life. Her nurses, peers and family cheered at her success as she grinned and cried with “pure joy.”

“I am so grateful to everyone that came. This is a gift, truly,” she said.

She was also surprised to see ‘Elvis’ there, but sang “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” with him all the same.

Odine singing along with ‘Elvis’.


“I am sorry I never got to meet the real you,” she joked to the Elvis impersonator.

As a birthday present, she was given a bottle of gin and staff poured her a glass on the rocks. She was happy to have “the good stuff.” She also got a blare of police sirens from three officers who appeared to wish her a happy birthday.

While last year all of her family came for her 100th, this year only her son and his wife came to celebrate.

“My father used to say whenever they went to a party…she wouldn’t leave until the last hug was given,” said her son, Ted Dale.

Many who love her know that she has much love to give.

“I am on such a high. I don’t think my feet will ever touch the floor again.” she said.

She also said she was grateful to have lived this long and the secret is to “just keep breathing cause as long as you breathe you will live”.