I am sorry to see that Barbara Jordan’s signs are being vandalized.

Some things never change in New Mexico politics, including low-class/no-class individuals who think the way to disagree with someone is to silence them.

In 1986, I ran for district judge in Bernalillo County.  At least 100 of my signs were knocked down.

I mentioned this in a candidate interview with the Journal. They made it clear to me they thought I was making a mountain out of a molehill. (I wondered how they would take it if someone were running around town flattening their vending machines.)

I didn’t make a big deal out of it.  I just took it as proof of the truth of our campaign slogan that year: “Criminals Hate Republican Judges.”

However, when I saw one of my opponent’s signs down, I put it back up. I don’t roll that way.

My question is:  Are some people’s rights of free speech more important than others in New Mexico?

Or: Has the press finally come around to the idea that free speech applies to regular people, not just to those who own a printing press or a TV station?

Ken McDaniel
Rio Rancho