Drape or Droop?

  • April at Amapola Gallery
  • On the Plaza in Old Town at
  • 205 Romero, NW
  • (505) 242-4311

The quilts of Marge Farmer-Page and the glass creations by Delfie Martinez will be on display during Amapola Gallery’s First Friday Featured Artist exhibit for April.

The exhibit, titled “Drape and Droop,” will include the opportunity to chat with Delfie at the artists’ reception Friday, April 1 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Farmer-Page began at Amapola Gallery 42 years ago with planter and wine holders of macrame. She has added needlework, both decorative and functional. New for this show: a large bargello floral quilty with a blue emphasis.

Martinez also features decorative and functional work, but in dramatic and brilliant glass. Techniques include tapestry, woven, optic, coral, crackle and more.