Ants are a common pest during the summer.

Even though  they don’t really cause damage to you or your home, they can be a real pain (especially when they bite in between your dog’s toe pads).

So here’s a quick little explainer to get rid of them.

First off, ants thrive in filth. If your house is dirty, they are probably going to like that.

Second, they are attracted to moisture/dampness/rotted wood. Try to keep your space dry.

Third, Raid can be useful but not for ants. According to CR senior scientist Michael Hansen, PhD, a biologist and ecologist who wrote his doctoral thesis on integrated pest management, the source of the ant problem isn’t solved by spraying the heck out of your perimeter.

Last, try to make the outdoors more appealing to them. They will thrive where they have more access to natural food.