Drew Bone caught a big one. (Courtesy photo)

Drew Bone, the older brother of American Ninja Warriors competitor Katie Bone, is in northern Italy, competing in the 2022 World Fly Fishing Championships.

The Bernalillo 18-year-old, sponsored by Hardy Fly Fishing, along with Max Logan of Boulder, Colo., was introduced to fly fishing by his parents, Matt and Tammy Bone, at the age of 2.

He became serious about competing in 2019, recently made the U.S. Youth Fly Fishing Team after he was selected at the national championships.

“The support from Hardy has been extremely helpful and is greatly appreciated. The gear is also top-notch,” Bone said, now representing Hardy at the World Championships.

As his mother, Tammy Bone, explained the competition on her Facebook page: “Anglers are put in groups of five, or ‘flights,’ which stay consistent throughout the 5-day competition. Each group is assigned water — both rivers and lakes are included in the competition water. On the day’s assigned waters, each angler is assigned a section or a ‘Beat.’ The goal is to win your day, among your group, or to take first place among the 5 in your flight, or stay low (second- thru fifth-place). In a way, each day is its own competition and you are competing against the 5.”

To become a member of the U.S. Youth Fly Fishing Team, anglers must compete in several fly-fishing competitions and demonstrate environmental stewardship within their community.

Once competing in a qualifying event, participants are required to fill out a team application form detailing their desire to be a part of the team and register for a sanction competition held in the spring of each year. After rigorous review, members are selected and added to the team.

The U.S. Youth Fly Fishing team is a part of U.S., Angling which provides leadership for the team as it travels worldwide to compete.