The annual Jemez Trail Sale marks 20 years Oct. 21-22.

“October is unarguably the most beautiful month of the year in New Mexico, and Trail Sale weekend, when the fall colors are at their peak, is hands down the most beautiful weekend of the year in the Jemez Mountains,” a release on the event states.

The trail is a string of garage sales on a “treasure map” which people can use to travel throughout the Jemez Mountain Trail.

The garage sale trail spans through much of the Jemez Springs and part of Cuba.

“The Jemez Mountain Trail Sale is the perfect time to unload unwanted belongings for holiday cash or to just make room for something new. Trail Sale weekend is fast approaching, but you still have time to sort through the shed, closets and drawers to root out your defunct treasures and join in the Trail Sale fun,” the release says.

The Trail Sale starts in San Ysidro and winds along NM State Highway 4 through the Jemez Valley to La Cueva and beyond. Eventually, the hope is that locations all along the 163-mile Jemez Mountain National Scenic Byway will join the sale. Cuba, New Mexico, will be joining the Trail Sale this year as well. All Jemez Mountain residents are welcome to participate by having a yard sale on their own property.

“You can sell all weekend or just a few hours. It is totally up to you,” it says.

Sellers are responsible for setting up their own sales and cleaning up afterward.

“If it is legal, you can sell it. If you need a license or permit to sell it, it is your responsibility to get those prior to selling,” it says.

Participants are welcome to post signs directing shoppers to their sale. People are also encouraged to post picturess of sale items and directions to their sale on the Jemez Mountain Trail Sale Facebook page.

This year, both shoppers and sellers are encouraged to use the Yard Sale Treasure Map app, available to iPhone/iPad or Android users. The app allows sellers to list detailed information about their sale as well as allowing shoppers and sellers to better connect with keyword searches. Sellers can list on the app up to a month before the trail sale takes place.

As in years past, there will be cluster locations throughout the valley where businesses and individuals open their property to sellers from outside the Jemez Valley and to residents who do not live on the main roads. Cluster locations, along with the contact information, will be listed in upcoming issues of the “After The Thunder,” on Jemez social media groups and on the Jemez Mountain Trail Sale Facebook page. Selling spots at these locations will be first come, first served.

“If you or your business would like to be a cluster location either here in the Jemez Valley or in Cuba, please let us know so we can add you to the list,” it says.

In the Jemez Valley, contact Talty at 575-829-9126 or in Cuba, contact Carey at 321-693-6810.

Stay tuned for details in the “After The Thunder” and on the Jemez Mountain Facebook page: