The American Legion presented an award to the staff and children at The Learning Experience for efforts to raise funds for The Make A Wish Foundation. (Bonnie Dismore/For the Observer)



It doesn’t matter how big or small we are, it matters about the size of our hearts — Monica Nieto, Learning Experience Center director


The Learning Experience has been in town for less than a year and has already had an impact on the community.

On June 8, the children at the center were recognized for their charitable work by The American Legion for their efforts to raise funds for The Make a Wish Foundation.

The parents, children, and staff attended the ceremony and met with American Legion representatives.
With that recognition, the children were able to take in an important and memorable moment in their lives. During the ceremony, The American Legion had written a check to support their cause to show support and admiration.

The center opened its doors in Rio Rancho on Aug. 9, 2021.

Through its charitable efforts, the center has donated to food drives, helped with foster programs and local animal shelters. It has become known as an essential resource for creating awareness and advocating for philanthropy. The center’s goal is to teach young children about the importance of helping others and about how much their impact helps society.

During the month of April, the center had a goal of reaching $10,000. So far, it has raised $4,724.

Monica Nieto, The Rio Rancho Learning Experience Center director, wanted to instill awareness and teach young minds about the importance of acts of kindness.

When discussing the humanitarian projects and the message she wanted to send, she had said, “It doesn’t matter how big or small we are, it matters about the size of our hearts.”

The center raises funds for organizations year-round.