A shortage of Thanksgiving turkeys this year is driving up the price.

Wealth of Geeks, a financial assistance program, says there are cheaper alternatives.

“The price of turkey is incredibly high this year, even compared to the 11.2% annual increase in grocery prices published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in its September 2022 Consumer Price Index,” Wealth of Geeks’ Amaka Chukwuma says in a Nov. 10 article.

Chukwuma makes a few suggestions for a substitution for that well-known gobbling bird:

  • Mushroom Wellington, which only costs $11.72 to make from scratch with all ingredients.
  • Seitan roast, which could cost anywhere from $4.45 to $8.90.
  • Pork, which is the “other white meat” and costs $3.19/lb at Target.
  • Roasted whole chicken, which costs around $1.28/lb.
  • Meatless lasagna, which varies in cost but is very affordable anywhere.

Even with alternatives, people just don’t seem to want to celebrate the holiday anymore, according to another article by Wealth of Geeks.

“Historically, there were plenty of turkeys to go around, which helped ensure the bird’s prominence at Thanksgiving dinners. This year, some Americans may skip the celebration entirely,” Chukwuma said.

The Observer wrote a story on the reasons behind the turkey shortage and the prices in local stores. Read more here.