According to a Rio Rancho Police Department criminal complaint, a woman was arrested just after midnight March 6 at the CVS on the corner of NM 528 and Southern Blvd. for allegedly tampering with evidence and receiving or transferring a stolen vehicle.

When officers arrived and determined no one were in the vehicle. When officers attempted contact with CVS employees, officers saw a female, later identified as Gabriella Olguin, with black clothing behind the south side of CVS. They did not find her in the CVS, so they looked in nearby businesses.

Police found Olguin hiding inside Long John Silvers Restaurant and arrested her.

After being read her Miranda Warnings, Olguin admitted to driving the vehicle. She proceeded to tell officers that her friend Brian bought the vehicle from the registered owner of the vehicle, who lives in Gallup. When asked why she was hiding from officers, she said that she “probably thought it was stolen” and thought she would get arrested.

According to the report, Olguin concealed the keys to the car inside a body cavity and decided to retrieve them while being transported to Sandoval County Detention Center, where she was officially charged with receiving or transferring a stolen motor vehicle and tampering with evidence.