Fire Chief Eric Masterson(Michaela Helean/Observer)


The Algadones Fire Department requested repairs for the building’s asphalt and was approved at the Sandoval County Commission Meeting on Oct. 12.

The station is much older and the grounds are shifting which is causing the asphalt and concrete to break.

According to Fire Chief Eric Masterson, water is now flooding into the station because of the damage.

The department was authorized to use state funding for the repairs and move forward with the project. The department just needs a signature from the county manager.

Commissioner Jay Block expressed concern for the competing contractors on the state funding list.

“I haven’t really seen this practice before,” he said.

However, other commissioners and the county manager explained that the practice for repairs has been used for a long time and won’t change.

County Manager Wayne Johnson said “I am concerned about the county equipment being damaged by the elements.”

He also stressed that the project needs to happen quickly.

It will cost $93,000 to repair.