Aleitress Owens Smith opened Aleitress Mobile Restrooms in 2021 in the middle of the pandemic. Friday, she celebrated the addition of a second unit with a New Restroom Trailer Reveal Party in the parking lot of the Rio Rancho Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Owens Smith had food trucks, music and several community leaders at the party where she debuted her newest upscale portable restroom.

“Aleitress is obviously just an amazing success story. We’re very proud of her here in Rio Rancho,” Mayor Gregg Hull said. “Not only is she successful, she’s extremely dynamic, energetic and driven to be successful. When I first met her two years ago, we did the ribbon cutting for this unit and opened up her new business up in Mariposa. She wanted to get started coming out of the pandemic. So she’s like, ‘I’m not only brave, I’m ultra brave. I’m gonna open this company, when everybody else is shutting down.’ As mayor, I just want to say how absolutely proud I am of you and all that you’ve done and the way that you have just really reached out to the community of Rio Rancho.”

Aleitress Mobile Restrooms has been at many events throughout Rio Rancho since opening and, with the addition of the new unit, will be at many more in the future. Owens Smith is also hosting Food Truck Friday each month at the Chamber.

“Congratulations on your continued growth and success,” Chamber President and CEO Jerry Schalow said. “Every time we do an outdoor event, you’re hitting a niche that is desperately needed out there. You know your other cities out there have really nice restrooms and you go to a golf tournament in Phoenix restrooms, there’s great restrooms. Well, you’re doing it here in Rio Rancho. So it’s great that you’re out here with your ability and we’re really happy you’re here in this community.”

Owens Smith, who creates her restroom trailers from scratch, has a degree in health care administration, is an inspirational speaker, Unstoppable Spark Coach and loves to give back to her community.

“I actually draw these units from scratch; I do not use a blueprint. This is all from trial and error,” Owens Smith said. “I’ve done a lot of things that I’ve never done in my life, and God definitely pushed me through. We’re gonna keep pushing here to be successful together as one.”