According to a criminal complaint filed by Rio Rancho Police on Valentine’s Day, officers were dispatched to Aldo’s Pizzeria in Hilltop Plaza in reference to a call made by staff.

The caller told dispatch three females came into the pizzeria and attacked an employee. They also mentioned one of them flashed a gun.

As police were responding, the silent alarm was activated as well. The three females reportedly left the scene in an unknown vehicle in an unknown direction.

The employee reported that one of them, identified as Naomi Chavez, came into the pizzeria and assaulted them. They recognized Chavez’ older sister Alicia. The third in the group was unknown but possibly named Jalene.

The employee mentioned that she was attacked because of a speaker that Naomi believed they had stolen a couple of weeks ago. The employee stated they were friends with Naomi, and this is how Naomi knew they worked at Aldo’s Pizzeria.

Naomi reportedly hit the employee in the face. The employee fought back by pulling her hair.

The employee’s significant other, who also works at Aldo’s Pizzeria, attempted to break up the fight. This was when Alicia reportedly pulled out a handgun from her waistband and loaded it.

The significant other said they felt threatened for their life and backed off.

According to them, Alicia said, “Don’t make me do it, bro.”

After the fight ended, the three attackers left because they knew police were on the way.

One of the other employees was able to get the fight on video, which was added into evidence.

Alicia Chavez was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Naomi Chavez was charged with battery.