The United States Air Force jazz group “Airmen of Note,” based in Washington, D.C., will perform at Cleveland High School Nov. 18 as a part of its upcoming tour.

“Rio Rancho was selected by our tour manager, Sgt Benjamin Thomas (who also plays bass for our group) for a number of reasons — it’s population size, number of veterans of armed forces living there, and the opportunity to perform at a beautiful venue at V. Sue Cleveland High School. We were not asked to perform in Rio Rancho, but selected it specifically for our upcoming tour of West Texas and New Mexico,” Master Sgt. Logan Keese said.

The ensemble goes on community relations tours twice a year: spring and fall. It also performs across the world for events such as music festivals or other community relations opportunities.

“The band is definitely a service provided by the United States Air Force as a means by which to promote the Air Force image across the country and worldwide. We are extremely glad to be able to offer free performances to all audiences we entertain,” Keese said.

Airmen of Note was created in 1950 to continue the tradition of Maj. Glenn Miller’s Army Air Forces dance band. The current band consists of 18 active-duty musicians, including one vocalist.

While the musical focus of the group is jazz, it performs several styles and eras of music.

“Our ensemble performs mostly big-band jazz. However, we also perform in a multitude of styles within that musical configuration, and play a balanced mix of old, new and even original compositions written by members of the band,” Keese added.

The performance is free and open to the public. It starts at 8 pm.