From left, service adviser Kyler Petty, Jesse Jackson, owner of Mango Automotive, and service advisers Chad Cummings and Kellby Medford inside the lobby of Mango Automotive. On the far left sits a mango plushie named Mia. (Liam DeBonis/Journal)


Jesse Jackson calls her business Mango.

But it’s not a grocery store. It’s not a natural foods shop or fruit stand.

It’s an automotive repair shop — Mango Automotive — and she wants to bring it to Rio Rancho.

Indeed, she is looking right now for a building in the city with at least seven bays.

“I would love to open a shop in Rio Rancho in 2022,” said Jackson, co-owner and CEO of the Albuquerque-based company.

Brian Walden is the COO and the other owner of the shop.

As a woman owner, Jackson is breaking new ground. Her goal is to steer away from the typical shop — which is usually an all-male environment — and to make the shop more comfortable for women. Jackson also wants to hire female service advisers and techs.

That’s not to say she doesn’t want to hire men, but she sees the shortage of women in the industry and would like to be part of the solution.

“We set the stage for women, in particular, to feel comfortable in our shop,” she said.

Indeed, she has hired her first female service advisor and is looking for women techs and more service advisors.

“For me,” she said. “Our impact is that we try to hire as many women as possible.”

The pair opened their first shop in Albuquerque last December.

Within six months, she said, revenue skyrocketed. It was enough for her to look at expanding in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho.

So far, she said that Google reviews have been positive and the first ones were from women.